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Upcoming retreats:

 COMING SOON! October 1st to 4th – 2021, in Huntsville, ON 

 The retreat on Oct 4th to the 7th, 2019 was sensational!  Beautiful awakenings were witnessed and transformations took place.  It really was magic.

If you are interested in attending, contact me at 

See below to hear from some of the participants who attended!


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    Retreats can be transformational…. as long as you are all in!

    They are an amazing way to quiet life down for a few days.  It is time to put the devices away, turn inward and really focus on your values & goals.  Time away from the craziness of every day life and re-discover your deepest desires.  It is also a great time to set intentions to integrate more stillness upon your return.

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    What you will walk away with:

    • tools that can quiet your life and help you feel more in control
    • strategies to integrate these tools in your daily routine
    • new and deep connections to support your progress
    • overview of resources to further this journey
    • the feeling that you are not alone and that YOU CAN DO THIS
    • a full heart and inspiration to fuel the journey to discovery your true purpose

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    The retreat will take place at a lovely cottage in Muskoka, on lake Vernon – 15 mins outside of Huntsville, ON.  This serene spot is called “Morning Blossom Boutique Retreat“.  It is beautiful and peaceful; the perfect place for introspection and deep connection.


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    The retreat will include:

    • silent mornings with meditation, intention setting and light exercise
    • workshop to learn about and develop healthy mindfulness practices, stress reduction techniques and habits to take back with you
    • discussion on ‘what is personal development’ and on strategies to integrate new habits into your reality
    • introspective exercises to help you think about your true self and purpose
    • each participant will get a personal Reiki session
    • introduction to energy healing – such as EFT Tapping (or Emotional Freedom Techniques)
    • nature walk, time spent outside by the lake and night time fire (weather permitting)
    • priceless inspiring connection with likeminded women – community & sisterhood!  We all have stories to share.
    • delicious & healthy food
    • guaranteed fun and laughter!! (that’s my favorite thing in life!)
    • NO DEVICES (woohoo!)
    • and the best part of all – the only person you need to take care of is YOU!  No meal planning or prep, no dishes, no getting others organized – just time for YOU!


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    How to sign up?

    As this is an intimate experience, space is very limited.  

    If you are interested, I would love to chat.  

    Reach out:

    or 416-435-6947

    It’s going to be transformational!!

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     “This retreat was everything I hoped for and more than I expected. Julie created a safe and comfortable environment with which to work on self and spirit. I left the retreat feeling lighter, full of joy and secure in knowing that I had the capability to face the challenges life throws my way. The set of practical tools Julie equipped me with are easily applied in my everyday life and I’ve been able to continue my practice in the “real world.” I don’t say this lightly, but if you’re open-minded and willing then a retreat experience led by Julie can change your life – it’s changed mine.”

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    “I have never been a morning person but thanks to Julie’s retreat I see the light… at 6am that is!!  Developing and commiting to a morning routine has truly transformed my life.  It sets a peaceful tone for the day and the week and provides me with the energy needed to lead and thrive in a hectic life.  I now make time for what feeds my soul and see life in a new way.”

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    I have been a social worker for 18 years and thought there wouldn’t be a whole lot of new information that I would learn at a retreat. I was both very wrong and pleasantly surprised! Through meditation, quiet mornings and writing, I learned there are some things that I still need to work on to reach my goals. Julie created an amazing retreat where she held the space for her guests by providing a comfortable environment where it was easy to be vulnerable. It was the right balance of fun, laughter, and self-development.

    I highly recommend attending at least one of Julie’s retreats. You’ll feel comfortable whether you are already fully immersed in woo-woo, mindfulness and meditation or are a beginner with no idea what that means. I guarantee you will learn something new that will improve your life and your self-love. I, for one, look forward to attending more. There is always more to learn.”