Current Event - February 29, 2024

Unlocking the Power of the Five Elements Workshop: Embark on Your Holistic Healing Journey

  • Do you find yourself in a constant battle of organization versus clutter with your partner or roommate?
  • Do you wonder why you prefer to curl up on the couch and lose yourself in a book while others get energy from being in a room full of people?
  • Are you always on time while your friends or family members are perpetually late? Or vice versa.
  • Do you often prioritize others’ needs over your own – so much that you burnout or feel resentful?
  • Do you get asked ‘why are you so angry?’, but you don’t think you are?


If any of this sounds familiar and you are interested in understanding more, I invite you to join us for this workshop. 

Workshop Includes

We will delve into the ancient wisdom of the Five Elements (water, wood, fire, earth, and metal). Rooted in Chinese philosophy, to unlock a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships, and your health.

Introduction to the Five Elements

Explore each element’s characteristics and their significance in ancient Chinese philosophy, setting the foundation for your wellness journey.

Understanding Your Dominant Element

Learn to identify your dominant element and its influence on your behaviour and health drawing from the teachings of Donna Eden, a pioneer in Energy Medicine, and The Eden Method courses, paving the way for holistic healing and burnout recovery.

Compassion and Connection

Understand how embracing the Five Elements can cultivate compassion for yourself and others, strengthening your relationships and aiding in stress management.

Balancing Techniques

Discover practical energy techniques provided by Eden Energy Medicine to rebalance each element and foster inner harmony, essential for your stress management toolkit.

Interactive Exploration

Engage in interactive learning and conversation with a community of like-minded individuals, as we explore the practical applications of the Five Elements in modern life, enriching your wellness journey.

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Daily Energy Routine

Feeling tired, scattered, or overwhelmed? Join us for a hands-on workshop with Julie Lafleur, Energy Practitioner and student of Eden Energy Medicine, to discover simple techniques that can transform your daily energy levels. In this session, you’ll learn the easy-to-follow energy routine designed to help you reclaim vitality and balance.

Join us to:

  • Explore practical ways to increase your energy and well-being.
  • Experience a step-by-step guide to the Eden Energy Medicine Daily Routine.
  • Learn how to address common energy-related challenges in everyday life.
  • Connect with others on a similar journey toward feeling more alive and focused.

Get ready to bring more energy into your life. Whether you’re dealing with fatigue, stress, or simply seeking a natural boost, these techniques are accessible and effective for everyone. Come with an open mind and leave with practical tools to enhance your vitality and a special gift!