EFT Tapping

What is tapping?

Emotional Freedom Techniques, more commonly known as EFT or Tapping is a powerful stress reduction tool. 

It combines the best of old and new philosophies from the east and west by tapping on ancient Chinese acupressure points and applying principles of modern psychology. 

In society today, we often hear ourselves or others say, “it’s fine”, “all will be well”, “just focus on the positive” or even the old school “shake it off and move on”. 

While I truly am a superfan of optimism and resilience, tapping has shown me that there is tremendous power in acknowledging negative emotions and addressing the truth of how we really feel while tapping to provide relief.

We carry so much fear, worry, anxiety about the past and the future that we have trouble staying in the present moment.

With tapping, I can show you how to acknowledge and release these negative emotions to set you free.

How do you tap?

Start by identifying and acknowledging what is bothering you.

Focus on the situation AND what you feel in your body when you think about it. For example, do you feel tightness in your chest, pressure in your head, sinking feeling in your gut, sharp pain in your heart, shallow breathing, etc.

Then, while focusing on the situation, the negative emotion (worry, fear, anger, sadness, etc.) and the feeling in your body, you tap with your fingers, specific meridian points on the face and body. Check out this PDF from The Tapping Solution that outlines the points.

This sends calming signals to your brain and body to let them know that you are safe. Over time, tapping rewires the brain to react calmly when you are exposed to triggers that had previously activated a stress response.

Now THAT is where the FREEDOM comes in! 😊

Let’s be real… this all sounds and feels very weird at first. I get it. It looks silly to tap while you talk… But the awkwardness soon dissipates as you quickly feel the calming effects on your mind and body, and you are hooked.

Tapping is easy. It works quickly. You can do it anywhere. AND best of all it works quickly to sooth symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Why does tapping work?

EFT has been scientifically proven to decrease cortisol (the body’s stress hormone) by 43%!

Thanks to the reduction of cortisol, your body gets out of the fight or flight response, regulates, and relaxes the nervous system, boosts immunity and allows the systems in your body to function more optimally to increase your vitality and your positivity.

I know this is a lot of info – and there is more if you want to dig in further into it!

Check out this Science, Data & Research Kit created by The Tapping Solution, LLC that outlines over 40 studies and the evidence supporting the effectiveness for EFT Tapping.

The absolute very best way to feel the amazing effects of EFT Tapping is to TRY IT OUT for yourself!