About JulieLaf

February of 2018, I suffered a major burnout. As a chronic high-achiever and people-pleaser, I got sucked into the craziness of life. I was stuck in what I thought I should be doing. I was striving to be the “Best Mom,” “Best Wife,” “Best Employee,” the list goes on.

I had worked at Microsoft for over 17 years, finally earning one of the company’s most prestigious achievement awards. My drive and determination got me there, but at what cost?

Through my recovery, I’ve found tools and habits to quiet the workaholic and perfectionist that was running my life. My life is still full and busy, but there is an inner peace that wasn’t there before.

I am now committed to helping others feel the same.

As a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner (knows as Emotional Freedom Technique or as Tapping), Master Reiki Practitioner, and a student of Eden Energy Medicine and the HeartMath technique – I love to integrate multiple energy healing  modalities as I work with people to help them optimize their energy and show up the way they want to in this world!

It’s not only a gift to share the most effective techniques with my clients, but also to teach them how to pass these tools down to the next generation (if they have kids who are open to it . 😉

I’m wearing more hats than ever before. While I’m not perfect at it, that’s not the point! I have found a way to be more present, centered, and enjoy the moment. I would love to help you do the same.    

If you feel like you are… 

  • on the hamster wheel of life
  • striving to be The Best “fill in the blank here!”
  • tired of living on autopilot
  • suffering from anxiety and people-pleasing (and even more anxious that you might pass these patterns down to your kids!)
  • convinced that there must be more to life

I want to help you unlock that.

Let’s tap together!

To get started book a free no-pressure consultation by reaching out at tapwithjulielaf@gmail.com (Scheduling link coming soon!)