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A warm welcome to your wellness journey. I’m excited to explore the transformative potential of alternative and complementary healing practices with you.
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Choose You. Choose Wellness.

Don’t let life’s demands get you down. Retain your peace with a nurturing, tailored approach to holistic healing and realign with your best self.
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My Journey: Out With the Burnout

Burned out from a high-achieving and people-pleasing lifestyle, I transformed my personal recovery into a mission to help others find their inner peace.
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Unlock Your Inner Peace

Does it feel like you’re just going through the motions or living on autopilot? I’ve been there. If you’re longing for something more, let’s find it together.
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They Transformed. So Can You.

Discover the resilience and inner peace achieved by those who have journeyed with me. Let their stories inspire the next chapter in yours.
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I'm so glad you’re here

Inner peace isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why I integrate various energy healing modalities to optimize your unique energy systems and help you find balance.

Muskoka, Ontario
October 4-7, 2024

I’m so excited to share the details for Inner Joy Journey Women’s Wellness Retreat I am hosting this year! 
Join me in gorgeous Muskoka, Ontario October 4-7, 2024 for  a weekend of self-discovery with like-minded women surrounded by beautiful nature, enjoying delicious meals and energy renewal. Hope to see you there ladies!

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Working with Julie

Find Your Healing

EFT Tapping

Experience immediate relief from stress and anxiety with techniques that blend ancient acupressure with modern psychology.


Unlock the power of life force energy for enhanced well-being and deep relaxation.

Eden Energy Medicine

Release blocks and harmonize your energy systems for optimal health and vitality.

Why JulieLaf Optimal Energy?

Let’s Focus On Your Inner Peace

My #1 goal is transforming your “why” into “how.” Whether through in-person or virtual sessions, let’s work together to build healthier habits and achieve a life of balance and fulfilment.

Tailored to You

Everyone’s path to inner peace is unique. Learning more about you and your “why” helps me develop strategies for your “how.”

Diverse Healing Techniques

I'm a lifelong learner. We’ll grow together as I expand my skill set with specialized training in EFT, Reiki, ongoing Eden Energy Medicine, HeartMath® and more.

Flexible Healing

Offering both individual and group, in-person and virtual sessions, you can experience my healing methods in your optimal environment.

Dedicated to Your Well-Being

Going from burnout to vitality shouldn’t feel like a chore. I’d love to show you how stress-free prioritizing your well-being can truly be.

Meet Julie

Let’s Do This Wellness Journey Our Way!

To be completely honest, I tried to write this section about myself in a formal tone. But … it didn’t sound like me. Putting on a façade, trying to do things ‘THE right way’ and to please others is what led me to burnout. That’s why I believe in being authentic and true to our nature —not just for the benefit of those we love, but for the sake of our own well-being.

Let’s commit to being ourselves as we move toward inner peace. I’ll go first: Hi, I’m Julie, and I’m here to help you through your wellness journey—every step of the way.

Watch My Story

Facing Burnout and Bouncing Back

After keeping it to myself for months, in June of 2019 I finally opened up about my own struggle with burnout and the journey I took to reclaim my strength and passion. I’m sharing my story to remind you that it’s totally okay to hit pause, take time to recover, and reclaim your inner peace.  Also, there are more retreats coming! If you are interested please reach out and let me know.


What They Say

"Julie's 'Exploring the Five Elements' workshop was transformative for our team. It enhanced our self-awareness, improved communication, and deepened our understanding of colleagues and clients. This fresh, unique approach to team development was both entertaining and educational. I highly recommend this for your team."

Jennifer Beaver CEO, CIE Property Management & Consulting Inc.

"Julie’s presentation was insightful and engaging. She shared practical tools and created a safe environment for all to share their experiences. Julie is a great speaker and an inspiration to anyone dealing with stress and work life balance. "

Greg Ward Americas HR Talent Director, Microsoft Corporation

"Julie's compelling presentation at our RBC employee townhall exceeded all expectations. Her practical tools for mitigating stress and insightful strategies resonated deeply with our team, leaving a lasting impact that echoes in our daily operations. She's not just a speaker; she’s a positive difference-maker."

Stephanie MacDonald Regional Director, East New Business Operations, Royal Bank of Canada

“Julie creates a safe space for whatever may come up during your session. She offers tools and guidance to support your healing journey. Julie doesn't let the session end there. She offers opportunities for you to continue tapping after the session and shares resources. Julie is a great support human. I trust her with my life.”

Jessie Mancuso Executive, Buffalo, NY

"Julie's session helped me conquer my anxiety around interacting with others and adapting to change. Her techniques empowered me to embrace a new leadership role and take bold steps in my career and personal life. "

Christin Snyder CFO, Waynesboro, PA

"Julie's interactive and engaging wellness sessions left our associates feeling empowered and less alone. She provided our associates with self-care strategies and a sense of togetherness."

Theresa Cross Digital Operations & Transformation Specialist, Ingram Micro

"Julie has been a standout contributor to The WIT Network conferences and member workshops (women in technology). Her authentic input has significantly elevated our wellness initiatives and earns overwhelmingly positive feedback every time."

Corinne Sharp Co-Founder & CMO, The WIT Network

“Julie's unwavering commitment to employee well-being sparked a positive transformation in our workplace. Her efforts to foster open communication, collaboration, and inclusivity resulted in a stronger, more unified team.”

Karim Ramji COO, Mercer-MacKay Digital Storytelling

“I had a rough start during one game; it got to me and messed with my head. Using EFT Tapping to let go of those negative emotions not only made me feel better, but it also allowed me to be laser focused for my next game. Now, I tap before every game to ensure I get into the flow. It really does work!”

Caleb MacGregor Minor Hockey Goalie, Ontario

“As an athlete, I hit a rough patch and lost confidence in my abilities. That's when my mother introduced me to Julie and the world of EFT tapping. Tapping has now become an integral part of my routine. With Julie's help, I could manifest my desires into reality, leading to my success on the ice.”

Thomas Harbour College Athlete

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